Dave Rubin prides himself on his sense of humor and alleged past as a stand-up comic. “This is what I used to do! Comedy!” Rubin claimed during a recent YouTube livestream while promoting his upcoming tour with Jordan Peterson. However, despite Rubin’s claims, there isn’t much evidence of Rubin’s past as a comedian.

On the talk show “The Majority Report,” a guest caller explained, “Dave Rubin is a guy that says he was a comedian, at various points for 10, 12 and 15 years. I had trouble confirming that though. The Gotham comedy club did say he performed there once. If I were a comedian I think I’d know if it was for 10 or 15 years.”

Although Rubin is known for his crowd-work routine where he berates the audience about their sexual preferences and political leanings, new footage has come to light from 2016 where Rubin claims, “alt-right memes are the height of comedy.”

“The memes are great. The alt-right as a shitposting, fun, call out the bullshit, mock the power thing is amazing. You know where the funny stuff is coming from? It’s coming out of the alt-right. There’s nothing funny coming out on the left anymore,” Rubin explained in the 2016 video.

Due to this video and hosting alt-right personalities such as Milo Yiannopoulos on his show, Rubin was labeled an “alt-right cheerleader” in a piece by the Daily Beast that came out today. Rubin immediately went on Twitter to demand a retraction, which led Editor in Chief of the Daily Beast, Noah Shachtman to laugh in his face, quoting Rubin’s exact words where he supported the alt-right.

Now, fans of Rubin believe that despite loving free speech he will be filing a defamation lawsuit. “I could see Dave suing for defamation here. Yeah, the guy loves free speech, but this narrative isn’t good for Dave. He simply must have misspoken about the alt-right, everyone makes mistakes. If you watch several hours of his videos then you’ll understand.”

Other fans expressed their concern about Dave’s pro-Nazi stance to Bernard Media. “Well, that would explain why Dave’s sense of humor never really caught on. I’m not sure what’s funny about nazi jokes depicting gassing jews and such. Kind of sick, wouldn’t expect that from Dave.”

Bernard Media will continue investigating this case and provide more information as it is made available.

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