Jack Posobiec is a troll and conspiracy theorist, most famous for spreading Pizzagate, a misinformation campaign that led people to believe there was a child sex trafficking ring being run out of a pizzeria basement.

“I realized comet pizza was only about thirty minutes from where I live here in DC. Weird vibe there man, weird vibe. From the first moment we stepped in the people kind of had that super extra happy smile. ‘This is your table, you’re going to have a good time.’ 9PM in a bar in DC and there are little kids just kind of wandering around back and forth from this curtained off area. There were chairs and stuff behind it. Really weird vibe,” Posobiec said on the conspiracy network Infowars as he explained his in-person “investigation” of the alleged child sex dungeon.

There was of course not a child-sex ring being run out of the basement, but that didn’t stop a man, Edgar Welch, from showing up with a rifle and open-firing in the restaurant because of the theory.

Welch is now serving four years in prison

In most cases, Posobiec is dolling out the trolling, whether it’s Pizzagate or his daily Twitter posts. Today however, it became public knowledge that when Posobiec himself gets trolled, even a little bit, he gets extremely triggered. The Daily Beast published an article titled, “Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec, the Far Right’s Twin Trolls, Taste Their Own Bitter Medicine,” that detailed video editor Vic Berger and Bernard Media’s, Nathan Bernard’s, efforts in “trolling the trolls.”

“I think what Nathan and I are trying to do is use Cernovich and Posobiec’s own tactics against themselves, but do it comically,” Berger explained in an email to the Daily Beast. “Show these buffoons for who they really are. It’s not political, per se. It’s more that they are just terrible human beings and are out to ruin the lives of people who don’t agree with them, so we might as well fight back and have a little fun with it.”

In response to this article, Posobiec said he was arming himself with weapons and applying for a concealed carry permit in multiple states. He even specified the weapons he will be carrying, “I carry a Glock 23 or a Taurus 9mm depending on the situation.”

Fans of Posobiec speaking with Bernard Media were concerned about his mental state. “I’m not sure what has gotten into him. He’s flailing, threatening these guys online with weapons he bought? It’s concerning. Jack is coming off as unhinged and as a fan I hope he calms down.”

Bernard Media will continue to investigate Posobiec’s weapon usage and purchases. More information will be provided as it is made available.

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