Laura Ingraham has long been a critic of immigration. Usually, Ingraham sets her sights on muslims coming into the USA, using her platform to fear-monger and bump up gun sales. Since the southern border crisis however, she has made it a point to distract from the crisis with straw-man arguments and misinformation.

“Why don’t the do-gooders who complain about separating minors from migrant criminals volunteer to sponsor one of them, or an entire family unit, and be responsible for their upbringing and care until adulthood,” Ingraham posted on Twitter. Many users replied to Ingraham that it was the job of the government to build a safety net for the less fortunate. Other Twitter users mentioned how previous arguments had mirrored this, “This is like the Haiti shithole comment and the GOP said well if you love it so much why don’t you just live there? It’s a childish, pointless argument.”

Now, Ingraham has ratcheted up her misinformation to the next level. While interviewing Jeff Sessions, Ingraham compared the Border Detention Centers to summer camps and boarding schools. “These kids are being temporarily housed in what are essentially summer camps. They look basically like boarding schools.”

This claim by Ingraham was not well timed. Just a day ago, audio had been released by Propublica that depicted a horrific scene at the borders. In the audio, amidst babies screeching for their parents, you can hear a border patrol agent joking, “Well, we have an orchestra here — what’s missing is a conductor.”

The actions on the border have led some to compare the USA policies to those of Nazi Germany. Jeff sessions attempted to address this comparison on Ingraham’s show last night, but ended up botching the rebuttal badly. “In Nazi Germany, they were keeping the Jews from leaving the country.” Unfortunately this is historically inaccurate, the Nazis initially wanted Jews to resettle on the coast of Africa. This plan was abandoned though as the Nazis chose the path of mass extermination.

The misinformation about the situation at the border being spread by Ingraham and others is an open, on-going Bernard Media investigation. More information will be provided as it is made available.

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