Mike Cernovich has hit a rut lately. He was recently snubbed from the Intellectual Dark Web and missed deadlines for his documentary film, “Hoaxed,” which he raised $163,000 for via Kickstarter.

In an effort to save face, Cernovich went back to his bread and butter, mindset seminars. Unfortunately the audience for mindset seems to have dried up as well. Several friends of those that attended explained, “Usually there are about 70-100 people at the seminars. This one couldn’t have had more than 10-15. I guess Gorilla Mindset did come out years ago though, old content.”

Cernovich speaking to an empty room

Cernovich had allegedly planned this “top secret” seminar for months, but the content delivered still seemed off the cuff, undercover BM attendees said. Some speculated this could be due to Cernovich’s recent focus on ingesting mass amounts of hallucinogens. “Mike’s made it clear that he’s very interested in taking a lot of DMT. He’s written about his experiences pretty extensively over at his blog. The drugs can really mess with your head. He was all over the place.”

Cernovich in the “laboratory”

These career missteps have led to Cernovich losing mass amounts of Twitter followers. Last month over 10,000 unfollowed. Cernovich noticed this drop in his base and claimed it was intentional, vowing to, “lose 100,000 more followers.

Superfans are concerned with Cernovich’s attitude lately, “It’s not like him. Mike loves getting followers, views on his tweets. I’m not sure what’s changed, but it’s like he’s waving the white flag or something. Seems to have given up. If that’s the case we need to know, I’m giving most of my money to this guy through Patreon and Paypal. Will have to pull those funds.”

Cernovich’s professional status is an open, on-going Bernard Media investigation. More details will be provided as they are made available.

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