Things have not been going well for diaper fetishist, Charlie Kirk. Earlier this week, Kanye West publicly announced on Twitter that he is distancing himself from Kirk and his organization Turning Point USA. “My eyes are now wide open and I now realize I’ve been used to spread messages I don’t believe in. I am distancing myself from politics and completely focusing on being creative,” Kanye tweeted.

Prior to Kanye’s departure, Kirk had a massive meltdown at Politicon during a live debate. Kirk shouted at the crowd that he, “lived like a capitalist every day.” Bernard Media immediately disproved this assertion by revealing that Charlie Kirk was living with his parents rent free in a luxurious suburban home outside of Chicago, despite claiming to be a highly successful capitalist. The address for Kirk’s parents residence was discovered via an FEC filing that showed Kirk donated $1,000 to republican Matt Gaetz campaign. On the filing, Kirk’s parents home address was listed as his permanent address. After further investigating, Bernard Media found the home is worth almost $1,000,000. This rent free living situation also raised questions around how the over $4,000,000 in alleged donations to Turning Point USA were being spent.

Now, Bernard Media has received information suggesting that while living with his parents, Kirk frequently used a premium adult escort site. In 2016, a site called was hacked and its user database dumped online. Fling was similar to Ashley Madison, where users could sign up for casual, oftentimes extramarital sex with totally-not-fake women. The data leak showed that Kirk had an account on the site using his [email protected] address. Kirk’s profile information was also leaked, showing Kirk was “interested in: Fetish, Group Sex, Sexual Relations, Online Flirting and Other.”

Bernard Media data analysts believe this leak could begin to answer some of Turning Point USA’s mysterious finances. “Mixing and mingling with high end escorts, online and off, is surely an expensive habit. Maybe this is where some of that donor money is going. We can’t be sure without further investigation, but we are looking into this now.”

BM will continue to investigate Kirk’s use of adult escort sites and the associated spends on said sites. More information will be provided as it is made available.

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