This weekend, the white nationalist group the Proud Boys attacked protestors after a speech at the republican club of New York by their cult leader, Gavin McInnes. The attack left many stunned, as the Proud Boys outnumbered protestors ten to one and continued kicking and punching protestors in the face once they were on the ground. Throughout the brawl the Proud Boys could be heard shouting, “faggot” and racial slurs. NYPD came to the scene of the crime, but failed to arrest any Proud Boys that night. The next day, the Proud Boy attack was considered a hate crime by many and NYPD launched a full scale investigation into the crime syndicate. To date, nine Proud Boys are set to be arrested.

After the investigation began, Mike Cernovich, a frequent collaborator and confidante of the Proud Boys, deleted all of his tweets. In the past, Cernovich has mass deleted pro-rape and sexual assault content along with tweets related to the conspiracy pizzagate. All of these purges have either been to avoid jail time or legal action against him. This incident regarding his affiliation with the Proud Boys is no different.

Now, new evidence has come to light that shows Cernovich is close friends with several of the attackers that the NYPD are investigating in relation to the Proud Boy attack. Shay Horse, a photojournalist who was at the scene of the Proud Boys attack, noticed two of the Proud Boy attackers in a video edit made by Vic Berger. “According to the doxx released by anti fascists, two of the attackers from the friday night Proud Boy attack are here (in the video). Geoff Young and Maxwell Hare are seen here with McInnes and Cernovich,” Horse explained on Twitter.

The mass deletion of tweets coupled with the found footage of Cernovich paling around with the attackers is extremely damning evidence. It is now more likely than ever that Cernovich will be facing jail time for his association with this violent white nationalist group. As McInnes put it best, “Cernovich is a Proud Boy.”

Bernard Media will continue to monitor Cernovich’s sentencing and provide updates as they are deemed appropriate.

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