This weekend, adult diaper wearing political pundit Charlie Kirk short circuited at Politicon, an event that hosts a series of conservative panels and debates. During a debate with Hasan Piker of the Young Turks, Kirk was asked by audience member, Young Turk founder Cenk Uygur, how much his annual salary is. Kirk responded by absolutely exploding. “I’ve lived like a capitalist every single day, Cenk. I’ve lived as a capitalist,” Kirk shrieked. “Thirty-five thousand donors across the country… We are funded by the grassroots of this country. You can try to demagogue it all you want.” Earlier in the debate, Kirk had asked Piker the exact same question regarding his annual salary from the Young Turks.

Later on Twitter, Cenk Uygur explained the absurdity of Kirk’s outburst. “I asked him what his salary was. Same question he asked . I want to know how much it took for the richest people in the country to buy his services. He claims he took a risk to start his organization. How much risk is there to do propaganda for the rich?”

Now, new findings reveal that Kirk is not living like a capitalist every single day. In fact, Kirk is living with his parents rent free in a luxurious suburban home outside of Chicago. The address for Kirk’s parents residence was discovered via an FEC filing that showed Kirk donated $1,000 to republican Matt Gaetz campaign. On the filing, Kirk’s parents home address was listed as his permanent address. After further investigating, Bernard Media has found the home is worth almost $1,000,000.

Living rent free with his parents brings into question Kirk’s success as a capitalist and commitment to the ideology. “If you are a thriving capitalist you would surely be able to afford your own rent. That is one of the first expenses any adult takes care of on their own, housing is a basic necessity of life,” an economic analyst speaking with Bernard Media explained. Kirk’s failures in the capitalist system could also further explain his outburst at Politicon, attendees suggested. “The outburst may have happened because Charlie was defensive. He is supposed to be a beacon of young hope for the capitalist system, but can’t even pay his own rent? Not exactly a ringing endorsement.”

Subsidized housing is a key tenant of many socialist platforms in America, an ideology that Kirk is said to hate. “Maybe there is still time for Charlie to change his mind on all this capitalist jawn,” one Twitter user mentioned to Bernard Media. “But maybe not. The guy wears adult diapers. What I’m trying to say is he has a lot of issues to work through. He has to think about his brand.”

Bernard Media will continue monitoring Kirk’s housing situation and provide updates as they are made available.

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