Any fan of Dave Rubin will immediately tell you that first and foremost Dave is a comedian, not an intellectual.

“Dave is a stand-up comedian, he is not an intellectual and doesn’t claim to be. He is a polite, calm gay guy that wants to have conversations. Think a less beefy Joe Rogan,” Reddit users explained to Bernard Media.However, the videos that Rubin produces tell a different story.

Recently, Rubin posted an animated short titled, “What Is A Classical Liberal?” In the video, Rubin narrates a brief explanation of what the term “classical liberal” means to him. “In two minutes I bet I can convince you there’s a little classical liberal in you,” Rubin’s voice explains behind a graphic of a man that looks like he’s from the game monopoly. “Classical liberalism is the idea that individual freedom and limited government are the key to a free society.”

Artist rendition of a classical liberal, per Rubin’s explanation

The video comes off as much less about educating and more about pushing the idea that if you aren’t a classical liberal, you’re doing something wrong with your life. The case that Rubin falls particularly flat when Rubin attributes lines from the Declaration of Independence to the Constitution. Rubin quickly rushed to correct this error after the video had already been posted, “One correction: “The pursuit of happiness” is in the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution.”

Fans of the video aired their grievances on Twitter. “Dave, we have to be smarter than this. It seems like you never even read the constitution or understand what it means to be a classical liberal with these sort of mistakes. How do you mess that up?” Regardless of the botches lines and misinterpretations, the video has currently been seen close to 500,000 times on Twitter alone.

This classical liberal video from Rubin comes on the heels of Rubin doing a video with Prager University where Rubin claimed, “The right is more tolerant than the left because we eat ethnic food.” That claim and the video were met with much chagrin on Twitter and Youtube.

Rubin showcasing some “ethnic foods”

After this botched video it’s not clear what the future holds for Rubin. Bernard Media will continue to provide information on this case as it is made available.



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