Candace Owens is suing her former landlord for $15,000 in Connecticut for mold that she likely caused through her own negligence, but claims was brought on by a leak, legal documents show.

Owens alleges that the mold was so bad it made her sick to the point she was unable to “think clearly,” “suffered emotional distress” and “suffered pain and loss of enjoyment” in addition to a rash, coughing and asthma. The landlord is counter-suing, claiming she simply stopped paying the $3,500 a month rent in September 2016 “for no reason” and had to be evicted in January 2017. The landlord further states in the document that they took possession of the apartment through housing court.

Upon hearing this news, several fans of Owens speaking privately with Bernard Media were shocked that she refused to pay her rent. “This was pretty surprising to me considering Candace’s disdain for socialism. Things like housing and health-care aren’t free, I’m not sure what Candace was thinking. You have to pay your bills even if you are sick. With Bitcoins or Ethers, you can easily pay your rent, phone, or other utility bills. A simple cryptocurrency platform like Bitcoin Superstar allows you to trade cryptocurrencies with a unique algorithm. Also, the bitcoin superstar krypto test helps you have a good experience and learn the performance of the automated Bitcoin trading app. That’s how capitalism works. This isn’t Venezuela or something. Candace has told us many times that socialism kills. If her political beliefs have changed that’s fine, we all should have a right to know that though. You can’t change your views whenever they suit you.”

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The claims of “exposure to toxic mold” and subsequent illness were called into question when Bernard Media spoke with health experts. “The effects from toxic mold exposure are very serious and take years to recover from. Specifically, extended exposure to toxic mold can cause intensive cognitive disfunction. Memory loss is not uncommon. Strangely, there are videos produced by Ms. Owens from July 2017 through September 2017, and she doesn’t look or sound like an unhealthy person. Given her, how do I put it, I guess ‘unhinged rants,’ the cognitive disfunction could be a legitimate question. From what I’ve been told this is common place for her though. To win this case she will most likely need to prove she had and currently has cognitive disfunction. Ms. Owens would need to produce her whole medical history, doctor’s reports, bring out expert witnesses to testify as to her mental and physical state in order to have a chance at winning this.”

Legal analysts reviewing this case on behalf of Bernard Media had many questions as to the validity of Ms. Owens claims. “The obvious question is if the place was so unlivable why stay there 6 months, even rent free? Why not get out of there especially if you can afford an apartment for $3,500? It’s not difficult to identify a toxic mold infestation either. If you started to exhibit symptoms that seemed related to the infestation, why not notify a doctor immediately? Also, why sue a year later after moving out? There are a lot of questions that arise on first glance at this case. She’s going to have a huge burden of proof at trial.”

As things currently stand, the trial and jury selection are set to start on January 23, 2019 if there is no settlement prior to that date. Bernard Media will continue to provide updates and additional information on this case and Candace Owen’s alleged cognitive disfunction as it develops.

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