Dave Rubin is a Youtube personality that interviews members of the intellectual dark web such as Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson. Rubin, however, does not claim to be an intellectual like others in the movement. Instead, Rubin alleges he is “just a stand-up comedian,” which often times gets him out of botched facts and stats on his show.

“Dave is a stand-up comedian, he is not an intellectual and doesn’t claim to be. He is a polite, calm gay guy that wants to have conversations. Think a less beefy Joe Rogan,” one fan explained on Reddit. “He just wants to examine ideas and have substantive conversations, using his past experience as a comic to lighten the mood.”

After discovering found footage of Rubin’s old comedy sets though, it is hard to believe he ever made a living doing stand up. Even diehard Rubin fans that spoke to Bernard Media privately about the news of Rubin’s alleged stand-up comedy past were in shock. “Dave? A standup comedian? Haha, no I don’t see it, sorry. He’s an interviewer, Youtube guy. I don’t think he ever did stand up.” Bernard Media then showed the following video to a small focus group of alleged Rubin fans to get their feedback.

After viewing the video the fans were confused. “Was that comedy though? I think Dave was just doing a census of the room. He’s more interested in stats and facts, I really don’t think he was trying to be funny.” Bernard Media then insisted that Rubin was in fact, trying to be funny, and proceeded to show the group another video.

The second video sent the focus group into a bit of an uproar. One group member even left saying, “Okay, this is now making me uncomfortable. It’s rude how Dave asks the crowd about personal things like sexual orientation. I don’t want to watch this anymore.” As she was leaving Bernard Media asked her her final thoughts, if she thought Dave was in fact actually a comedian and if the bit was funny. “No. No, that’s not funny. I don’t know what that is. Good-Bye.”

Others that have looked into this case have also come up short on finding convincing evidence of Rubin’s past as a comedian. On the Majority Report a guest caller explains, “Dave Rubin is a guy that says he was a comedian, at various points for 10, 12 and 15 years. I had trouble confirming that though. The Gotham comedy club did say he performed there once. If I were a comedian I think I’d know if it was for 10 or 15 years.”

Bernard Media is continuing to investigate Dave Rubin’s alleged past as a stand up comedian and will provide more information soon.

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