Since October 2017, Laura Loomer has been “investigating” the Las Vegas shooting that left 58 dead and 851 injured. During her investigation, Loomer has smeared local police as pedophiles and spread misinformation that ISIS masterminded the attack. “In an explosive turn of events, several members of Congress were briefed this week to review evidence that supports the multiple claims by ISIS, that the terrorist organization was responsible for the Las Vegas Shooting,” Loomer wrote on her blog.

Loomer’s Las Vegas theory has revolved around the idea that the FBI is witholding information about a second shooter involved in the ISIS coordinated attack. This idea arose from Loomer using a laser pointer to find where a stray bullet skidmark came from, which to Loomer’s determination, was from the same floor Paddock was on, but not his exact location.

This piece of evidence kicked off Loomer’s witch hunt for a second shooter. “Why was Paddock laying with a gun on him, with casing on his body? Why were the guns organized as a display in his room and why so many guns? If you are planning a mass shooting you know someone is going to kill you afterwards, why do you need so many guns?”

Now, her investigation seems to have come to a head. Several days ago, Jack Posobiec took Loomer’s research and released it through his employer One America News Network. “Raise your hand if you think the FBI isn’t telling the full story about Las Vegas,” Posobiec Tweeted.

Once the segment was promoted, Posobiec released a 52 page report that had the SSN, Address, Phone Number and more of a man Posobiec and Loomer believe to be the second Las Vegas shooter. While this all furthered the conspiratorial second shooter investigation, it didn’t sit well with Loomer, who feels her story was being stolen.

Loomer’s fans also took to social media to complain that Posobiec stole Loomer’s scoop.

Despite OAN stealing her scoop, Loomer is not giving up. “I really think something sinister is going on here. It’s my duty to find out what that is,” Loomer explained on a white nationalist YouTube talk show yesterday.

“Well, good luck to you. You’re doing god’s work,” the host replied.


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