Mike Cernovich is a very sick guy. An average day for Cernovich consists of over 150 Twitter posts and approximately 8-10 hours thinking about and researching pedophilia. “Mike is the most anti-pedo guy I know,” a Cernovich fan told Bernard Media. “I don’t know how he knows so much, it’s just his thing I guess.”

Another fan noted on Twitter, “I don’t know how you have the stomach to go through all this pedophilia stuff, Mike! Bless you.”

The obsessive pedophile investigations have caused critics to question Cernovich’s motives. He is adamant that this is a duty he has though. “Did you know everyone in media is a pedophile? Everyone in Hollywood is a pedophile? This is like a duty I have to investigate this stuff (pedophilia). It’s for the kids.”

In an effort to clear the air, Cernovich is now running a poll on his Twitter profile. “Do you consider me a force for good or evil,” Cernovich asks in his post. At the moment, the leading answer is a force for evil at 50%.

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 3.49.42 PM.png

Questions from even the most devoted Cernovich fans are now starting to arise, despite there being six days left in the poll. “I love Mike, but have always been on the fence about his pedo investigations. Seeing others feel the same way is pushing me towards abandoning him all together. Personally I’m going to vote ‘evil’ and unfollow.”

Bernard Media will continue to monitor Cernovich’s polls and update accordingly. If you would like to vote the link is below.

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