This morning, Jack Posobiec was supposed to be tagging along with Alex Jones to cover the Twitter and Facebook Senate Intelligence hearings. “I’ll be there (the hearings) with Alex,” Posobiec let a fan know on Twitter. However, as the hearings started, Posobiec was no where in sight.

Employees at One America News Network (OANN), Posobiec’s alleged employer, haven’t seen much of him either lately. “Haven’t really seen Jack around the office as of late. He’s not doing the scoops or whatever he had been working on. You didn’t hear this from me, but things haven’t been going too well on the home front for Jack, from what I understand. He’s no longer living in the house.”

Now, new information has come to light suggesting that Mr. Posobiec is currently living and working full time at the burger joint, Shake Shack. Around 8:00AM EST today, Posobiec fired up a livestream from right outside a Shake Shack in DC. “Hey check it out! I’m hanging out at Shake Shack this morning,” Posobiec let his dwindling viewership know before walking off and mumbling to himself. “Burgers of the patriarchy, burgers of the patriarchy, burgers of the patriarchy.”

Further evidence was provided to Bernard Media from on-site sources, claiming to have seen Posobiec appear from the Shake Shack kitchen prior to streaming. “I was doing my morning commute and saw Jack emerge from the Shake Shack kitchen around 8AM EST. After that he switched his shirt and launched the livestream. I recognized him from the Pizzagate stuff.”

After reviewing this information, Bernard Media got in contact with a Shake Shack manager who shared some valuable insights on the situation. “Yeah, I mean Jack does work at Shake Shack now. Things aren’t going great though. He’s constantly swiping on his phone, frequently burns the burgers and fries. Also, it’s not my place to say really, but Jack hasn’t been going home at the end of the work day. One morning I was taking out the trash and found Jack curled up in the alley out back in a pile of trash. He’s been living at the Shack full time. I guess there were some issues with his wife or something, he was caught on some dating app. I don’t know, not my place to say. They were trying to make the marriage work for their kid’s sake, but I don’t think that panned out.”

Bernard Media will continue investigating Posobiec’s new employment situation with Shake Shack. Upon further review, if deemed appropriate, a boycott of Shake Shack may be held to remove Mr. Posobiec from their organization. More soon.

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