Ben Shapiro is famous for hating muslims and inciting a mass shooting in a Quebec City Mosque that killed six people. The shooter was a Shapiro superfan, obsessively studying Shapiro’s anti-Islam content in the weeks leading up to the slaughter. Despite prosecutors providing this evidence, Shapiro claimed he “did not incite the mosque shooter,” and that the killer was “just a guy that reads his tweets.”

Most internet users are aware that Shapiro is Islamophobic, but some users are not privy to his anti-black tweets and content. Bernard Media spoke with one such internet user. “I was shocked to find that Ben was so racist. The anti-Islam stuff I’d seen of course, that’s basically his thing. Inciting mass shootings and what not. But I didn’t know he hated blacks just as much. Some of those old tweets that were dug up today… I was shocked. The Trayvon Martin and the EBT card tweet. Really gross.”

The anti-black tweets mentioned were rehashed today because Shapiro proved that he was a multi-faceted racist. Shapiro protected a comment made by Florida Gubernatorial Candidate, Ron DeSantis. The prospective Governor expressed his belief that the state shouldn’t elect his black opponent, Andrew Gillum by saying, “don’t monkey this up” in regards to the upcoming election. Immediately, national outlets jumped on this statement as a racist dog whistle.

Shapiro however, came to the DeSantis’s defense. “The comment is insanely stupid given the way our politics run. But I’m highly dubious that DeSantis was “dog whistling” here.” Those with knowledge of Shapiro’s anti-black content should not be surprised by Shapiro running defense for DeSantis. One piece of content that demonstrates Shapiro’s racism is a tweet stating, “If you wear your pants below your butt, don’t bend the brim of your cap, and have an EBT card, 0% chance you will ever be a success in life.” This to many, is interpreted as extraordinarily racist.

To add insult to injury, Shapiro has also tweeted about Trayvon Martin’s death saying, “Trayvon Martin would have turned 21 today if he hadn’t taken a man’s head and beaten it onto the pavement before being shot.”

After Shapiro’s DeSantis statements, several Shapiro fans direct messaging with Bernard Media claimed that he was a racism expert. “Yeah, well, it’s pretty clear that Ben is a racism expert.” When asked to clarify this statement the users said, “He knows how to create organized hate mobs that can take action against the cultures, races and peoples that he hates. That takes a certain level of expertise and cultural understanding.”

Bernard Media will continue to monitor Shapiro’s racism expertise and the actions of his followers as a result. More information will be made published as it is made available.

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