The last few weeks have been a train wreck for Mike Cernovich. After dredging up old tweets from Guardians of the Galaxy director, James Gunn, that led to his firing, Cernovich was destroyed online and in the press. Publications including Huffington Post, The Daily Beast and Rolling Stone covered Cernovich’s past exploits of pedophilia conspiracies, date rape and misogyny, all to the end of exposing his hypocrisy.

“I just endured a week long public shaming by all elements of the media,” Cernovich whined to his fans on Twitter. “It was one of the worst of the year for anyone.”

Close friends of Cernovich spoke with Bernard Media about the massive public shaming. “Mike is extremely hurt. He has a passion for pedophilia and thought he found some real great stuff in those Gunn tweets. Most people know Mike is a serial rapist now though, so it kind of diminishes his message. Last I heard, he was thinking of logging off for good. He doesn’t just want to be ‘that pedo guy.'”

Now, in an effort to pivot away from the “pedo guy” brand, Cernovich is pleading with his fans to leave him positive Facebook reviews. “Leave a review here,” Cernovich urged his Twitter followers after linking his Facebook page. The results were anything but encouraging.

“This asshole needs to fuck off immediately,” One early reviewer posted. “A perfect example of an American idiot (no culture, racist, too religious for his own good and thinking that they are ruler of the world.)” another poster explained. “I do not recommend.”

One commenter, Sharem, summed up the target market for Cernovich and the type of person that should follow him. “If you are looking for an idiot without intelligence, a brainless man, no morals and retarded, you are looking in the right place. Awful and disgusting idiot.”

At the time of writing this piece, over 70% of reviewers “Did Not Recommend” Cernovich on Facebook. Bernard Media will continue investigating this situation and provide updates accordingly.

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